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Wall Clocks at ASY Furniture

Keep Track of Time in Style with Decorative Clocks from ASY Furniture

It’s easy to lose track of time in today's fast-paced world. But with the correct clock, you can stay punctual and enhance your home’s style. At ASY Furniture, we offer a wide selection of decorative and functional clocks that make timekeeping an art.

More than just tools for telling time, our clocks become focal points wherever you place them. With options from modern to classic, minimalist to ornate, you will surely find the perfect design to complement your decor.

Read on to discover how ASY Furniture clocks can transform any room:

Contemporary Clocks

Our contemporary clock collection adds sleek, modern style to your space. These timepieces make sophisticated statements with clean lines, bold colors, and chic finishes.
Choices include:

Large format contemporary wall clocks with bright, eye-catching numbers and hands. The oversized look makes them ideal statement pieces.

Sleek modern mantel clocks in metal, wood, or Lucite. Their streamlined silhouette and polished look elevate fireplace displays.

Contemporary desk clocks featuring unique shapes and asymmetric bases. They bring flair to home office and bedroom desks.

With contemporary ASY Furniture clocks, you can infuse any room with modern elegance and visual intrigue.

Classic and Vintage Clocks

Prefer a more timeless look? Our classic and vintage-inspired clocks exude lasting charm. Intricate details, rich finishes, and traditional styling give these clocks an heirloom-quality feel.

With their sense of heritage and craftsmanship, our classic clocks are versatile additions to any traditionally styled interior.

Minimalist Clocks

For clean, contemporary spaces, our minimalist clocks strike a perfect balance. Devoid of ornamentation, these clocks focus on essential, functional elements like sleek frames, simple dials, and quiet movements.

Choices include:

Round wall clocks with thin metal or wood bezels. Their pared-down look enhances modern and industrial rooms.

Cube-shaped alarm clocks with basic digits and hands. They bring quiet sophistication to nightstands and desks.

Extra-large minimalist wall clocks visible from afar. Clean lines and sparse detailing keep the focus on the time.

With sparse styling epitomizing “less is more,” our minimalist clocks complement open, uncluttered interiors.

Clocks for Every Room

In addition to matching different aesthetics, ASY Furniture clocks work in every room:

Kitchen clocks in fun colors and materials like metal, chalkboard, and magnetic. Choose easy-to-read options that withstand cooking splatters.

Bedroom alarm clocks with soothing sounds and display options. Wake up gently and start your day right.

Office clocks that keep you on track through hectic workdays. Opt for atomic or radio-controlled clocks that self-set for accuracy.

Living room statement clocks that become focal points. Make a design impact with oversized, ornate, or colorful statement clocks.

With their versatility, ASY Furniture clocks provide punctuation in any room.

Customization Options

To make our clocks truly yours, we offer customization. Select from different:

- Sizes - from small alarm clocks to large statement pieces
- Colors - choose dials and frames to match your decor
- Materials - metal, wood, glass, and more
- Sounds - pick soothing chimes or beeps

Our clocks can reflect your style in any space with custom options.

Quality Craftsmanship

Beyond style, our clocks deliver enduring quality. We craft timepieces that stand the test of time using premium materials and components.


- Solid natural wood, metal, and glass construction
- Smooth quartz movements for accuracy
- Quality clock mechanisms and hands
- Durable finishes and detailing

Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures each ASY Furniture clock keeps time beautifully for years of daily use.

Discover Distinctive Clocks for Your Home

ASY Furniture offers wall, alarm, mantel, desk, and grandfather clocks that check every box for style, quality, and functionality. Our vast selection lets you find the perfect clocks to complement your look, meet your needs, and enhance any room.

Visit our showroom or explore online to discover distinctive timepieces for every interior. Keep track of time in style with ASY Furniture clocks.