Memory Foam Firm Pillow w/ Bamboo Washable Cover


Size: Queen
Height: High Loft
Comfort Level: Firm
Sale price$121.00
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  • Z formula produces superior, soft, doughy memory foam.
  • Open-cell technology yields maximum resiliency and durability.
  • Firm pillow keeps your head elevated and supported throughout the night; 4.5''low loft ideal for stomach sleepers or for people who prefer a thinner pillow.
  • Breathable construction allows heat transference and maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Super soft rayon from bamboo velour cover is removable and washable; 5-year U.S. warranty.




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly C

I bought this for my husband for Christmas. So far, it has been amazing! My hubby loves it and it keeps cool the entire night. I will be honest, I steal his pillow all the time. Best night sleep he has gotten in a while without the back or neck pain he was getting. I know what I will be asking my hubby for on my birthday.

Jennifer Ward

I got the plush low loft Queen and have been sleeping on it for a few months now. While trying others out I keep going back to this one. I'm a side sleeper and was trying to replace my old pillow that I've had for years. The cover is super soft. The pillow is Comfortable and supportive. I didn't notice any overpowering smells. It could be a hair thicker but it still works for me. This pillow is fairly light weight from what I'm use to. It hasn't lost it's shape (as in going flat from being used regularly) and bounces back fairly quick. Shipping was perfect. Packing was perfect. It's not my perfect pillow but it's the closest I've found... If I try another pillow I think I might go for their latex medium plush but overall I am very pleased.


Love-love-love this pillow!!! It’s the perfect size for traveling, infact it totally saved my neck while on my recent trip since the hotel pillows flatten like pancakes! Very soft for memory foam. No push back. Fits in mini Spirt Airlines personal bag suitcase (with room for clothes). I highly recommend it


 So after finally being tired of having to fluff up my pillows everytime i sleep because they bunch up, i decided to go with a memory foam pillow, because i have a memory foam mattress.I must say, the difference is astoundingThe smell: probably the first thing you notice, its not bad, but just let it air out for a hour or two to get rid of the initial strong smell, then after a couple nights, it shouldn't smell anymore.The feeling: imagine laying your head on a pillow of solid cloud, the memory foam is heavy (good weapon for a pillow fight), and it conforms very fast and returns to original shape almost as fast.value: at around 40 bucks, its a heck of a deal, i spent around 70 on the latex one Z also has, but i kinda like the memory foam better, because just holding it and laying on it, its much more relaxing and luxurious.i got the high loft Firm, and for me, a guy at 6 ft tall, 175 pounds, its perfectUpdate-5/19/12After nearly a year or two, the pillow still is in great shape! There is no Yellowing (unlike my nova foam memory foam mattress), and it still retains its "sleeping on a cloud" feel. The foam sinks in and comes back up just as fast as before. Overall a tremendous pillow, I came back to this page to buy another one :)

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