Florence Grey Bed Frame

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Crown Mark

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Size: Queen
Product Details

Florence Grey Bed Frame: A Modern and Stylish Addition to Your Bedroom

Introducing the Florence Grey Bed Frame, a low to the ground modern style bed frame that will elevate the look of your bedroom. This bed frame is upholstered in a beautiful linen fabric that adds a touch of elegance to your sleeping space.

The Florence Grey Bed Frame is designed to be used with a box spring, ensuring that you get the support you need for a comfortable night's sleep. Available in twin and king sizes, this bed frame is perfect for any bedroom, no matter the size.

When you order the Florence Grey Bed Frame, it will be shipped directly to your home in one box, making it easy to assemble. You won't have to worry about complicated instructions or hiring a professional to put it together.

The tufted headboard in gray upholstery adds a touch of sophistication to the bed frame, while the low profile design gives it a modern and sleek look. The Florence Grey Bed Frame is also available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for your bedroom.

Upgrade your bedroom with the Florence Grey Bed Frame and enjoy a comfortable and stylish sleeping space.

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We offer a full refund, replacement, or exchange for any carrier or manufacturer-related damages reported within 10 days of delivery. For issues arising after this period, claims will be handled according to the manufacturer's warranty policy.Defective Merchandise: There are no returns or exchanges on new merchandise in good condition. There are no returns or exchanges on "Close Outs". Crown Mark must be notified the day of receipt of merchandise or the next business day when there are any shortages or damages. Defective returns must be in original packaging. Crown Mark will send the parts to repair any defective goods either by UPS or with the next order. Please note that spare parts with glass, marble, ceramic, mirrors, and some oversized pieces can not be sent by UPS. Requests for spare parts must be placed no later 90 days after shipment. Crown Mark does not offer a warranty to the consumer. Any warranty offered is based solely at the discretion and is the responsibility of the retailer from whom the product is purchased. Please be advised that Crown Mark's furniture is for household use only, and is not intended for commercial use. Please note that various lighting and computer screen settings can impact online image appearances versus in-person products.

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Size: Queen

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Went together fine. The hex screws are kind of annoying. Seems decent quality. Not super heavy duty construction, but haven't had any issues with support or quality so far.


This bed is very good quality for the price you pay. It has nice material and I am 67 years old and my niece and I put it together in an hour. I read complaints that you try to use it for a platform bed. Please read the description before purchasing. It clearly says it takes a box springs. I appreciate other buyers telling me the parts were zipped into the back of the headboard. I panicked at first until I remembered it. I would never have found them. Hope the info helps. I bought for my spare room. (Originally posted on 0.com)


I got it a day earlier than expected. was very easy to put together. very sturdy and comfortable. you will need a box spring with this item. I already had one, I am extremely happy with my purchase for a great price.


So I purchased this after someone I know posted a post about the sale online. I just purchased a new house and needed to start furnishing all the bedrooms so when I saw the deal for $119.00 I said why not. I dont always believe you get what you pay for but this bed set is not cheap quality. the bed rails is made out of that thick wood and its heavy. The Headboard is same quality. I also read the reviews before purchasing this bed. I added a Mattress and box spring and they fit perfectly onto the bed. it actually fit so perfectly I had to change out the mattress cause it covered the headboard. I was so impress with this bed I decided to buy another style for 2nd bedroom. This was a great buy for the price the store was asking. I went to other stores that was asking for a lot of money just for the headboard. when I saw this deal on instagram I was excited about purchasing it and prayed it fit the mattress.(Originally posted on 0.com)


Could not believe the quality for the price. It took my husband and me maybe 45 mins to assemble. The one issue was the instructions had letters to the parts and the parts were not labeled. It didn't take us long to match the parts and build. All the parts, boards, tools needed were neatly zipped into the back of the headboard. Really happy with the bed frame and headboard! (Originally posted on 0.com)