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Your Guide to Mattress

Mattress Matters. Finding The Right Firmness And Size Also Matters. In This Blog You Will Learn More About The Mattress Types And Trends In Detail..

What do you look out for when retiring at the end of every day? Is it for a comfortable place to rock your tired body or some added benefits? By now, you would have known that the type of bed your body sleeps on has a lot do with your general wellness the next morning. So, to get the best out of your sleeping time and to embrace vigor the moment your feet kisses the ground, you need to get proper with your mattress types.


What's the much ado about the mattress type? Here is it…

  • What is your sleeping position like? Sideways, back, on the stomach, or combine? Finding a mattress that helps and support your sleeping position is important 
  • How is firm the mattress? Nobody fancies a "well in the middle" kind of mattress, so learn and know the perfect firmness for your body.

So, here are the types of mattresses and how they will help your desires.

Mattress Types

Mattress with cooling gel

mattress with gel memory foam

Luxury is here with the gel-infused mattress designed to absorb the heat exerted by the body when sleeping and to give the comfortable sleep-time ever. This cutting-edge foam had its debut in 1970 by NASA and was strictly for airbuses seats. After that, the foam witnessed a series of improvements. And Charles Yost got it for public use around 2006, and in 2011 it became a generic name in the list of mattress types owing to its astounding benefits. 

Some of the reasons people prefer this mattress are because they give a lot of support to the body and adjusts automatically to any bodyweight and the temperature.

They reshape to any sleeping position you change to, all for your comfort.

They also take care of back pains and gives excellent relief from pressure.

They are suitable for the environment because of its temperature management technology.


Mattress with a Pillow Top

mattress with pillow top

Sometimes, a mattress may come with additional soft padding on the surface to provide extra convenience and comfort when sleeping, that type of mattress is usually the pillow top mattress. The essence is to give the user a cloud feeling, and they typically come with spring support in the middle. 

The padding on the surface is made of fiberfill, memory foam, cotton, and latex. 

Pillow top mattresses are loved because they give so much support and comfort.

  • They do not influence or affect the temperature.
  • Generally affordable too.
  • Gives extra cushioning and subtly conforms to the body while changing to varying pressure levels of your body.
  • They are also a long-lasting guarantee of comfort.

Reduces pains in the body and gives adequate support to the spine.


Mattress With Memory Foam

memory foam mattress Ashley at Asy Furniture

This type is made with polyurethane and some other chemicals to enhance its density and thickness. Began as aircraft cushions in 1966 by NASA and was often referred to as the slow spring back foam or the temper foam. This came as a result of the visible impression that followed every pressure exerted on the foam. This happens due to the gas, filled into the polymer foam, which makes the foam to spring back to its usual shape when pressed.

From that time, memory foam received lots of improvement and got the love of medicine and hospital usage and finally become commercial.

People love the memory foam mattress for reasons like:

  • It stays resilient and soft while molding itself to your body.
  • High pressure points relief too. The foam yields and gently adjust to your body foam.
  • It offers adequate support to the back, the spine, and the entire body.
  • It also helps to relieve and stall pains.
  • Gives no room to dust mites.
  • It helps people with allergies too.


Mattress with Pocket Spring

mattress with pocket coil

Made with each of the pockets of the foam conveying inbuilt springs so that they work independently, an excellent choice for couples because of the different bodyweight exerted on the foam and the various support from the spring therein,

Pocket spring mattress satisfy the bed needs of people because of these reasons:

Steady firmness, because all pockets have their spring, they all stay firm simultaneously over the mattress.

Offers complete body support and firmness you can trust all the time.

Good with pressure relief too.

No more rolling into your partner because of the independent pocket spring support on the body.


Different Mattress sizes

Twin Size: 38" x 75"

Twin XL Size: 38" x 80" (Remember you get two twin xl boxsprings to complete the base for a king size mattress)

Full Size: 53" x 75"

Queen Size: 60" x 80"

King Size: 76" x 80"

California King: 72" x 84"


How to pick a mattress? What mattress is right for you?

Deciding on the type of mattress to get should not be an impossible event when you have thoroughly addressed your immediate concerns as well as fears around the bedroom. Here are a few areas to take to heart before making a preference.

Have you researched yet? If not, then it's good that you are reading this article.

You can have a word with your doctor and know how to help your health needs. From there, you can reach out to some mattress stores near you.

Do you love bouncy feels while sleeping? Go for innerspring, pocket spring foam

Need a little sturdy firmness? Get the memory foam mattress

If you like sleeping on your sides, an innerspring will support your body weight as well as a cooling gel mattress.

Are you a stomach-sleeper? A pocket spring mattress or pillow top foam will stay faithful and will never close-in on your body like other foams.

Is your partner a traveling-sleeper? Go for a mattress with pocket springs or memory foam for some firm mattress benefits, so he wouldn't roll over you this night.

Do you love sleeping on your back? You will fancy a soft mattress so, try the cooling gel mattress and memory mattress for excellent back support.

Are you dealing with allergies? Memory foam is best or a pillow top.


Mattress in a box, how does it work?

queen memory foam mattress in a boxfull size mattress in a box plush

Mattress in a box is all intended to spare you of the hassles of conveying the bulky foam home. All that is done is to get the high-density mattress that is designed to re-bounce once it arrives at your destination, compressed and rolled into the box.


You will need the mattress in the box if you find yourself struggling to get the foam from the stores and contend with the bossy sales rep. And because we can get almost everything online now, getting a mattress does not deserve to be excluded, does it?

These box mattresses are made from lots of material, we find layers of memory mattress, inner springs(optional) latex and other materials. From there, the foam is rolled into a box and delivered to your destination. So, all you need is to research properly and get familiar with the company's delivery conditions.

Mattress Recommendations For Body Types And Age Group

When looking at the body types for considerations, the bodyweight comes foremost. 

For thicker people, the temperatures may get a little unfriendly, and they become hot sleepers. With this, a firm mattress like a pocket spring foam will be useful, but most appropriate is a bed with some cooling technology, and that is possible with the cooling gel foam.

Light-weight people ordinarily will not create any sinking in the mattress, so getting something supportive and less prone to contouring will work fine. Which makes the memory mattress or pocket spring foam in order here.

If you are curvy-figured, getting a memory foam will help support your natural form when sleeping.

Are you straight bodied? A pure mattress like a pillow top foam will go well.

Average weighted and body form will go with a "not too soft" and firm bed so, a memory foam or pillow top mattress is the right choice.

Age Group Considerations For Mattresses

Let's start with kids, a crib will need a medium soft and firm mattress, making pocket spring or innerspring a choice here.

For the teens, something bouncy will be fun at this stage and firm, too, so a memory mattress is excellent.

Looking for swell moments for couples? A lot of considerations here, is he/she a tossing sleeper? Intimacy should be free from the squeak. Moans are cool, not noisy beds, what is needed is a soft, bouncy, firm mattress, and a pocket spring will help here.

For pregnant women, a sturdy firm, yet soft foam is all the bump and the back needs for all-time support. Cooling gel foam is good as they often are hot sleepers, memory foam is fine too.

Middle-age people are often bed-tossers, dealing with back pains and other related body unpleasantness. For this reason, memory foam, pocket spring foams are in order, or the orthopedic mattress.

For the seniors, arthritis crisis, back and general body unfitness is a regular bout, and quality sleeping can reduce the effect of the pains. An adjustable mattress like pillow top and cooling gel foams should be considered as well as memory foam.


When should you replace your mattress?

Are you unsure of when to replace your mattress? Here is how to know… The National Sleeping Foundation emphasizes that 8 years is the duration of time you need to keep your mattress with you. Well, this also depends mainly on the type and the quality of the foam you have. 

If you have the innerspring, they can stay good for 10 years and more.

For the memory foam, you have up to 10 -15 years with regular maintenance too.

The hybrid, 6 years only

The pillow top, 10 years, and more.

Apart from the functionality-span of the mattresses, replacement is also essential when the dust mite has created a home on the foam, posing a threat to allergies and dirt buildup. 

Here are signs to look out for;

The springs give melodious tunes at every departure and entry.

It gets saggy and lumpy.

Your allergies get worse.

The pains on your back worsen too.

You start feeling when your partner leaves the bed or tosses and rolls into you.

Your weight always weighs it down, and it can't resist back by bouncing. When these happen, the old lady needs a valedictory.

The health benefits of the right mattress

So much has been discussed on the various types of mattresses and their benefits, and you may still hope for some health benefits. So, here they are…

Works well for spinal alignment with exceptional support to the back.

Helps to prevent general body pains from the firmness of the foam

Manages to snore, if you are lying sideways on a firm mattress, chances of snoring are slim.

Reduces rolling and tossing on the bed, which hinders quality sleep. So with good foam, sleep time will always be cherished and helpful.

Minimizes allergies, with good mattresses, dust mite will not form.

Can mattress be recycled?

The answer is yes when you want to replace your old mattress, make contacts at the local hauling company to help you with a healthy clear out if the company you are getting the new mattress from does not offer recycling services. This company will take the old foam and transform it into cotton, foams, plastics, low-grade fabrics, wool, metals, and wood.

Random Facts About Mattress

  • Did you know that the word mattress is an Arabic word, which means "throw" weird, isn't it? So while you are smiling on your soft and comfy mattress, others will prefer to just throw you with it. 
  • Now your adorable spring made its debut with a chair in 1857.
  • Here is another frightful one, did you know that over 10 million mites could be building a castle on your mattress, unbelievable? Check out with a microscope.
  • In case of a fire outbreak, your mattress can keep up with the ferocious flames for about 30 secs.
  • And if you stay in Washington, it's illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday, so plan early.

Your Guide To Mattress 2019

So, did you like knowing so much about the mattress? You undoubtedly did, and from now, you will go for the exact foam that your body deserves for your sweet dreams to stay sweet always.



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