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10 Amazing Furniture Arranging Ideas

Learn how to get the most out of the space, and maximize the look in your room with this actionable ideas for small to large rooms!  

Nothing compares to the peace and comforts in having a home that exhales serenity whenever you get back home and that serenity doesn’t drop like snowflakes into your living room or any part of the house but it happens when your furniture arrangement wears a peaceful and relaxed look always.

Sometimes, it can be tiring finding best ways to recreate the mood around your home because your mind is already familiar to the placement of things and coming out with a different positioning could be a little impossible with limited or no idea. 

Well, the good news is that the boring mood around your home can be improved and your home can make you feel at home again when these amazing furniture arranging hacks are handy.

Furniture Arranging Tips And Ideas

  1. How do I want my home to look?

arranged furniture. Sectional gray sofa coffee table


Like they say before starting anything, you need to conceive the idea and visualize how it is going to work. Same thing in furniture arranging, before you start moving things from their former location(s), you will have to put that mental picture, the picture of the settings replaying in your mind to paper or draft in the computer to have a clearer and appreciable view of how it looks and how it will look in your space. 

Move the furniture to have a perspective 

  1. Take the furniture out a bit

empty room with plant on the corner, japanese setting

You may never make good use of the space you have if you don’t know how much space you have. With the furniture out, you can decide where what furniture will be best placed, the most suitable arrangement of the sofas, chairs and the rest to enhance better traffic and ventilation.

Measure your space for furniture

  1. Be sure of the measurements


Big furniture like the sofas and tables usually take a lot of space and when you are concerned about having a relaxed and breathable space around your home, then you need to take care not to crowd-up the space with improper placement of the large furniture. To avoid this, you will have to measure the area around your room and compare with the furniture to have a better knowledge of what goes where. As a guide, remember to leave at least 30 inches of space between each furniture. 

  • If you want to get access to your coffee table from your sofa, be sure to leave a maximum of 14 -18 inches between them. This way, you will not have to go around the room to get your coffee.
  • Family and friends bonding time is better when they can converse on a close-range for that reason, chairs and the sofas must be placed 8ft apart only.
  • For the dining area, no matter the number of seats in your dining room if you have a thing for comfort then, it is important to keep the chairs 6inches apart from each other. Additionally, the dining table should be placed 36 inches away from the wall so that the chairs can be pushed out and in without inconveniences.

Bring out the center in your living room

  1. Do you have a focal point?

modern look furniture in a living room setting white and cream tv mounted

You need to deliberately place the furniture in a way that enhances focus because every room should have a focus area. This area will help with a good arrangement of the furniture but first, you will have to decide on what you will be using the place for. Will the sitting room be reserved for watching the television? If yes, you will decide how best to place the furniture to support the focal area.

Place your furniture to make it asymmetric 

  1. Don’t forget, Asymmetry is important.

Sometimes, we find ourselves being too obsessed with making sure every furniture matches in color just because we need a particular theme or look for the sitting room or the bedroom. But in giving heed to asymmetry, you don’t need to place a sofa beside a rocking chair because they share similar colors.

  1. TV time should be fun

TV time is usually moments for bonding among families and loved ones but sometimes, you can get irritated by the sun rays coming through to interrupt the moments. As a rule, try not to place the TV in an opposing direction at the windows also, audio speakers should not be placed close to the walls to avoid vibration.

Arrange in a way that your guests can easily fit in

  1. Make room for warm conversations too

people hanging out in a living room laughing boys and girls

Remember, sofas and chairs are for sitting and what happens when people sit? It’s up to you to carefully place the furniture in a way that will encourage conversation and bonding. 

Have your furniture angles between

  1. Diagonals can be appealing

big beige sectional sofa in a modern living room at sunset

When it comes to furniture arrangement, you don’t have to be stereotypic with parallel arrangement rather, feel free to place the love seat, the rocking chair, and sofas on an angle. This will make room for good asymmetry, great space control and fun conversation moments like never before.

Put your wall art lower than the eye height

  1. Your wall arts shouldn’t be impossible to admire

Why will you have your guest straining their necks because they want to catch a glimpse of the beautiful art pieces on your wall? You can save them of this trouble by placing your wall photos slightly lower than the eye height. This will also give the impression of a tall ceiling doubling as one of the room’s aesthetics.

Think Outside The Dining Room

  1. You can create a banquette instead of the traditional dining

dining set modern table wood, house backyard, photo frame mounted on wall furniture types

Don’t be afraid to try something new when you want to recreate the atmosphere around your home. When it concerns furniture arranging, the ideas are truly limitless, and there’s a lot you can do with whatever space you have. For instance, if your dining space is not big, the regular dining positioning is not for you but you can have the most fabulous looking banquette seating anyone could ask for. All you need is to have your seat attached to the wall and you will no longer have the difficulty of moving your chair out and in anymore.

So, you see, you certainly can get the boring mood out of your home in many ways when you put to use all these furniture arrangement tips. What’s the wait? Get on with these hacks and let your home always welcome you with the warmth and serenity you cannot find anywhere. 

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