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A Brief History Of Furniture

How Did People Make And Use Furniture Back In Time? The Change Of Furniture Over Time. Background Information Of Furniture


There is a lot that could go wrong without the invent of furniture. Take a moment and imagine your life or better still your home without so much as chairs or tables or beds or even dressers. Not so rosy, right? There is a reason people of old subscribed to its use. Whether to place ancient monuments or as chairs for royalties, furniture has evolved over the years and is something that has come to stay. The evolution of furniture in interior decoration, for example, has shown that humans are indeed creative and can think outside the box. From the times when stones were used to make furniture to the invent of wood and even glass, there has been a significant improvement, and of course, it could only get better with the likes of contemporary modern furniture. Let's share some history with you.

You probably know that furniture means objects that can be moved around. They can be used for diverse purposes, including sitting, sleeping to store things. In the days of old, people used tree stumps, rocks, moss, and even bones to make furniture they could sit on or use. As far back as 30000 BC, people were carving furniture out of what they could find. History has it that the first sightings of the existence of furniture were a Venus figurine, which was at the time located in Russia, and it was of a goddess in a sitting position. Well, she couldn't have been sitting on air, so this means there were, in fact, furniture at that time. There were also early sightings of furniture all around the world, so let's take a look.

Egypt 3200 BCE

During the dynasty periods, furniture was made using wood that had to be imported since the forest in Egypt was not suitable for furniture creation. They incorporated the use of leather. The most common furniture at the time was the stool, which could be four-legged or 3 legged. The fuller chairs were mostly for royalty.

egypt pyramids

Greece 450 BCE

Greek furniture was primarily made of metals, bronze, and marble, which is why some of them have stood the test of time. The furniture was decorated with glass or gold or even ivory. They were furniture like klismos, kline, the diphos and a lot more.


Rome 146 BCE

So, Rome, on the other hand, took over the construction of Greek furniture when Greece became a province of Rome in 146 BCE. A lot of their furniture were variations of the Greek furniture.


18th Century Furniture

The style of furniture in England at this time was mostly set by the French. Most of them were decorated with metal and enamel.

19th Century Furniture

The 19th Century saw the invent of a lot of styles like neoclassicism, Gothic, baroque, and this gave way to the arts and craft movement and the aesthetic movement.

20th Century Furniture

The 20th Century gave way to what you would call modernism. The furniture was made with plywood, plastics, and glass. There were modern Danish designers and also postmodern designers. Furniture creation also moved to the point where people started looking to create furniture that was sustainable and couldn't harm the system, and these were more eco designs. This is more popular in recent times. The contemporary modern furniture you now see are made from modern designs and styles that are considered attractive to everyone.

20th century mid modern furniture

Evolution of Furniture

You could say that the form and basic designs of furniture have remained the same, with the materials used and stability changing. Stones and animal bones have made way for wood and glass and marble. There is the use of leather and gold or other modern products to adorn furniture. Chairs are no longer just a piece to sit on or some utility device, they are there for comfort, and different styles are inbound daily. Beds, for example, are not just to keep us from sleeping on the floor but provide assistance and comfort and even medical benefits. In the days of old, we were shown dressers, chairs and tables, and beds but furniture has grown much broader, and there's furniture for everything you'd want to do in your home.


  • We now have chairs that could be folded in, lawn chairs, and the rest of them.
  • There is the love seat, which is the smaller version of a couch. It can take two persons at a time, and it helps to keep your conversations more private.
  • A couch is much larger than the love seat and can take more people at a time. It also provides back and arms support.
  • Ottomans are like the ancient foot stools only better. They are much bigger and are kept at the end of the couch for leg support. They are usually padded, and modern ottomans now have space for blankets in them.
  • Recliners are seats that can lean backward and also have footrests that come from the front of the seat. They are meant for relaxation purposes.
  • Desks are tables that have some cupboards and drawers attached to them. They afford the user a place to store documents and files and still write or read on them.
  • Some shelves are the state of modern art facilities. They come in any colors and are used to store books. They are such that sets of shelves could even be ordered. 
  • Dressers have been upgraded to include spaces for hanging clothes with the use of hangers. There are contemporary modern dressers that will blow you away. They usually include drawers and cupboards and for storing clothes and fabrics.
  • Pianos are now made into furniture that could be used to entertain people when they are in your home. They are usually large and gorgeous.

A Brief History Of Furniture

You could say that furniture has significantly evolved from the stone age, and though the purpose has not changed, there has been a significant shift in the way they are made, the materials used, and of course, the overall comfort derived from its use.



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