20X30 Rectangular Home Doormat, 20″ x 30″

Ottomanson Doormat Collection is designed brilliantly to let minimum dirt and moisture inside your house and to keep your entryway neat and clean for easy maintenance. Manufactured in Turkey with the highest quality nylon, Ottomanson doormats are as durable as they are beautiful. Mud, dirt, water and slush are no match for our doormats which are completed with rubber back letting them stay in place without curling or getting stuck under doors. The low-profile pile makes this mat suitable for indoor usage as well, such as in the laundry, hallways, foyers, pet feeding areas, in front of kitchen sinks or bathrooms. This functional feature also allows doors to open easily over this mat while the floor-hugging rubber back will keep it from snagging on swinging doors. Grimy, slushy, muddy footwear or dog paws are no more the enemy of your clean floors with our dirt-stopper door mats completed with reinforced overlock edges for proven wear-stain-and-shed-free performance. Offering the practicality of toughness on dirt but gentleness on your floors and in appearance with stylish designs, our doormats and entry way mats are charming family and pet-friendly additions all season. The quality-constructed pile and rubber backing makes this rug so durable that it is guaranteed to offer years of service and perform season after season withstanding everyday foot traffic while the fade and wear resistance provides an easy upkeep, fast drying and carefree maintenance. Make your home or office complete with the simple addition of one excuisite Ottomanson doormat that will greet your guests in a gracefully welcoming manner.

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Welcome Non-Slip Rectangular Doormat

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