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Boasting a mid-century modern style this computer desk features a solid construction with a pleasing look and practical functionality. Perfect for the apartment or dorm.

Overall Product Dimensions 23"L x 39.5"W x 33.5"H
Inner Drawer Dimensions 18.5"W x 3.5"H
Floor to Underside of Table 24"H
Space Between Desk Legs 27.5"W
Base Width 39.5"W



Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

Ok, this is not solid wood. Not at this price level. It is however some really good fiberboard. Well cut and better designed than I had hoped. Assembly is on the lines of any of the larger Ikea pieces. Follow the directions (directions are well done and easy to read), take your time and you won't have any difficulties. Just REMEMBER that when you start putting the stand together, it is UP SIDE DOWN. So keep the orientation in mind as you start putting the boards together. I made that mistake and put the board that goes over the center drawer facing the wrong way. So when it came time to turn the stand over, the side with the wood print was not facing up like it should had been. And by that point there is no easy fixing it. Wound up getting some wood stain and staining it to hide the rough fiberboard surface that was now facing up. I also decided to use wood glue (Elmer's works great and dries clear) to backup the screws provided. Once the stand was complete, it was very rigid and felt reassuringly solid. There is also a steel bar provided that goes under the entire length of the cabinet that gives it even more rigidity. All in all, a nice solid TV stand that looks good, albeit maybe a bit dated. Big con against this stand that needs pointing out. It is the depth, or lack of depth, of the cabinet for placing electronics inside on the shelves. You will have 11 to 11 1/2 inches to play with. Anything deeper than that, you won't be able to close the sliding drawers. As many playe.


This was probably the easiest assembly of furniture I’ve ever had!!! Everything was labeled SO clearly, it was packaged well, protected in box and it looks so much more expensive than it is.Tbh it’s not the greatest quality material but it looks like wood and it’s light but solid enough to feel sturdy. Super cute if you’re looking for a decent sized media stand with a mid-century vibe, without an insane cost! I would not hesitate getting other pieces from this manufacturer. ?


Cool little TV stand. Kind of a pain to assemble with one person so I recommend having a helping hand or two. I have a 50" TV on right now and realize I need a bigger TV to fit the stand. The slots are too small to fit standard size records and the little doors won't slide, so that was a big bummer. If you don't put the back piece on you shouldn't run into that issue at all!


Assembly was real easy. You can assemble this by yourself It’s pretty sturdy and mildly heavy I need to bring it to second floor so I think it’s a two person Job for that. I really like the retro mid century vibe it’s giving off. I bought this for video games storage but could be used as a record player station or a bar station or even your TV if you have a small

Luke Spiker

I love this little nightstand. I'm very picky with wood finishings and this exceeded my expectations. It's a matte finishing and looks very high-end and realistic. The drawer (there is only one, and it is deep) has a nice, smooth glide and shuts nicely. Although I think this was a little more on the expensive side, I am happy with this purchase!

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