Maisie Queen Stainless Steel Bed Frame

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Size: Queen
Color: Gray
  • BEDROOM UPDATE - Instantly refresh a guest room or master bedroom with this platform bed frame. The modern farmhouse style of Maisie's metal frame is the ideal backdrop for bedding of all kinds
  • CONTEMPORARY STYLE - Modern in form with rustic and vintage accents, the conceptually simple design and clean lines on Maisie make this platform bed frame a seamless addition to any bedroom décor
  • STURDY MATTRESS FOUNDATION - Extend the life of a variety of mattress types, including memory foam, latex, hybrid, and spring, thanks to the sturdy, supportive slats and reinforced frame
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION - Built to withstand night after night of peaceful sleep, this bed frame is expertly constructed with durable powder-coated steel. This solid frame can support up to 1323 lbs.
  • BED FRAME MEASUREMENTS - Complement contemporary, modern, eclectic, farmhouse, rustic or traditional decors with this modern bed. Product Dimensions: 84.5"L x 62.5"W x 36.5"H


Headboard Dimensions 62.5"W x 36.5"H
Floor to Top of Footboard 26"H
Floor to Top of Bed frame 12.5"H
Bed Inner Size 81"L x 60"W



Reap styling success through a grafted blend of vintage farmhouse and contemporary decor with the Maisie Platform Bed. Able to comfortably hold up to 1323 lbs., Maisie was designed with vintage look steel piping to promote the serene tranquility of rustic cottages and country home decor. Complete with a sturdy and reliable construction, and a reinforced center beam, Maisie eliminates the need for a box spring and supports mattress types such as memory foam, spring, latex, and hybrid. Mattress not included.

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Size: Queen
Color: Gray

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I bought this as a return item to save on cost, so I am not sure if the bent pieces were a function of the previous buyer or just the way the product is. Either way, the frame arrived without instructions, so I had to go to the manufacturer's website in search of them. When I didn't find them there either, I used the photo online and my engineering training to figure it out. It wasn't terribly difficult to put together, but the horizontal bars that fit perpendicular into the long section of the frame had these plastic end caps which did not fit into the holes drilled into the sides. There was evidence that the previous buyer had the same trouble. Eventually, and after shifting around the bars to find the "best fit" it all came together. All in all, I like it from an aesthetic perspective. It's simple, lightweight, and short enough that my senior dogs can climb up on it while I'm at work. One annoying thing is that the horizontal bars rub against the center structural bar, and so the bed is very noisy with even the smallest movement. Some foam or weather stripping in between the pieces helps. I'm not completely happy with my purchase, but it serves its purpose, and so it'll work for now.


Quick delivery. Built solid. Easy to unpack and build, just need patience.Priced correctly.

Mary Schaeffer

This bed is great for my guest room. Easy to put together and looks so pretty!

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