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    Daybed With Trundle
    What Is A Daybed?
    Daybed For Small Size Apartment Space

    • You can simply use as a couch, and when the guests come over you can easily pull-out the twin trundle at the bottom and make room.
    • The convenient design and size allows you to save space in your apartment/home.
    Twin Size Daybed Deals And Discounted Prices
    • In this collection you can find daybeds on special prices which you can afford. Like Loretta daybed you can find many more on our website and in our store.

    Daybeds are one of the best furniture types you can have in your home.

    With their mix of couch, bed and lounge look they are unique. Mostly, coming in twin size with their trundle unit, you can save space, and make space for your guests coming over. 

    At Asy Furniture we are offering you daybeds from different colors and looks. Daybeds are elegant piece of furniture to go with your living room area. Daybeds come in many styles and colors. You can find the best deals and options at Asy Furniture. Many daybeds are nailhead design. Nailheads give a unique look and enhance the beauty in your area. Tufted design daybeds are also great options to double the sexiness of the daybed. With their unique view, they are also very useful and can be used for multi purposes. Daybeds can be simply a decor for your living room area. You can add throws, colorful pillows and sheets to use for only that purpose. If you have a small room you can use in that area without taking up much space. Daybeds mostly come in twin sizes. Many daybeds offered at Asy Furniture include twin trundle unit for guests or two people to use it together without occupying much space in your area.