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      Multi-Functional Furniture

      Harmony Sectional

      Harmony Sectional With Storage Chaise  Sectional For Small Apartment Room: Harmony sectional is the perfect choice for a small living room.  Storage Sectional Sofa: With its hidden storage compartment you will easily store your items sitting randomly in your home. It's ideal for bedding, pillows, throws etc. Sleeper Mechanism: Easy to operate mechanism allows you to use the sectional as a sleeper. Both...

      Multi-Functional Furniture 

      Reasonable priced, comfortable and stylish furniture that's delivered fast. We believe these are the ingredients for a nice furniture shopping. 

      Let's add one more to that. Functional

      An ideal furniture must reflect your style, durable but also it must serve you extra. We offer you multi-functional pieces that have space saving furniture design and mechanisms. Multi-functional furniture are necessary and it's realized when seen one. At Asy Furniture we value your time. We prove this by making your furniture shopping easy and fast. We also prove it by offering you space and time saving furniture. Multi-functional furniture at Asy Furniture for your living room and bedroom.

      Sofa With Storage

      With their hidden compartment under the seat, you will be able to store items randomly sitting in your home. Pillows, bedding etc. No need to worry anymore! Sofa with storage options are offered in our store at Asy Furniture located in Houston Stafford TX. Sofa with storages help save space and remember small items to be found easier. Hidden compartment sofas that include storage also include sleeper options.

      Sleeper Sofa 

      Easy to operate click-clack mechanism works smoothly and the sofa turns into a pull-out bed in seconds. With its european style firm feeling, they are very comfortable. If you're not fine with your mattress, well give them a shot. You won't be disappointed. Sleeper sofas are useful and functional. Easy to operate mechanism save space and time. European style sofa beds are firm to give better night sleep if you like to sleep in your living room. 

      Space Saving Small Design 

      Apartment size small furniture will save up much space in your place. These sleeper sofas will help you get the most out of the room by not taking up much space. If you have small apartment space, this design could be the right choice for you. Space saving small design sit-store-sleep concept sleeper sofa beds are offered at Asy Furniture. Make the space for your guests and save money and time.

      Affordable Click-Clack Sofa And Loveseat Sets

      They are just super affordable. With the perfect quality, the durable multi-functional furnitures are all Made In Turkey. The functional sleepers are perfect for anybody who is looking to get a new furniture for their living room today!


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