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Why You Need Better Than a Box Spring

What Is Better Than A Boxspring? Should You Get Instead Of  A Boxspring Or Foundation? After reading this you'll have a good idea of why it can be a better choice...

Are you one of those that wish bedtime should last forever? You love stretching beautifully to halt the disturbing alarm clock and when you thought you should buy a little sleep time, the sun rays smile at your face and grudgingly, you rise. This is and will be the routine episodes that play you out of bed all thanks to the heavenly comfort from “better than a box spring” platform for the bed.

Now, the box spring was originally helpful in shock absorbing and giving height to the bed but with the many discomforts ingrained in it, it became necessary to look for an alternative. And nothing was found to help the mattress give sound sleep like the better than a box spring mattress frame. Coming all-in-one to give the best support imaginable to the Queen’s bed design with innumerable health benefits. 

ashley queen size better than a boxspring platform base

With this bed frame, you don’t have to worry your heart about the horrors that accompany the traditional spring, but it is from the spring family? you’ll ask. Yes, the better than a box spring grew out from the spring family as you already know and the traditional box spring was formerly used to give support to the mattress. But little could be done to curtail, your little one’s fingers getting stuck in between the spring, or the mattress getting stuck, let alone the noisy experience it gives every time you toss in bed. From there came the “better than a box spring”, a better version of the box spring to give your sleep time the peace and comfort it truly deserves.

So, if you are just hearing about this product or still have doubts about any goodness in the anything related to spring, then get ready to shock with the amazing benefits you have deprived your back. But will become yours when you get friendly with the “better than a box spring” bed foundation.


  • Sturdy with all-round firmness

You can only have a sound sleep when the bed is firm, isn’t it? When you don’t have to fall into a pit right on the bed, yes, the middle of the mattress unavoidable pit when you are not using the right bed frame. 

Did you ever think the usual middle of the bed pit is impossible to avoid? Well, that is just the reason why you need the “better than a box spring.” This metal platform comes with over 2000 pounds, so if you are a little plus-sized don’t plan to miss this platform with 12 points off the ground contact to give your mattress great support and to prevent sagging in the middle of the bed.

  • Easy assembling

better than a boxspring storage capability illustrated

For the assembling of the bed frame, you are in luck as you won’t be needing any form of engineering specialty or some expertise, with a snap of the finger the gauge of the metals all fall in place. The same way in disassembling and you can always count on the “better than a box spring” for a non-warping and bending bed frame gift.

  • Noiseless bed moments

Spring box bed frame will always be remembered for announcing when your partner leaves the bed, oh my! Give me anything but the squeaky sound. What is a box spring without that irritating and annoying sound from the springs underneath the bed? So, if you have always been embarrassed with the non-stop squeaky sound that ushers you out every morning then you have a reason for needing the “better than a box spring” platform for your mattress. With its metals carefully knitted together for superior support any time, you can always count on it for a true sound sleep and a soundless rising from the bed.

Bedroom Storage - Save Space Design

  • Storage benefits too

Who wouldn’t love to have an additional storage compartment in the room, when the boxes of clothes seem to be on a constant increase? The “better than a box spring” platform gives you more value than mattress support. Because this foundation does not only give support and height to the mattress but the height advantage gives room for storage below the bed. So, when your wardrobe feels completely occupied, you have a refuge for your boxes, just as comfortable as you like under the bed.

Easily attach to your bed frame 

  • It’s time to use your headboard and footboard.

If you’ve always been fascinated with having a headboard attached to your bed, then this is your chance to enjoy the fancy of a bed with a headboard and a footboard. Your room deserves to wear the royal look when the Queens bed is there too. More so, when you have this mattress foundation, you wouldn’t have to lose your sleep over bed bugs anymore

When your sleep is good then your health cannot fail to be fair and what makes a good sleep is linked to what you sleep on. So, with these incredible benefits, you are left with no doubts about the reasons you need bed support better than a box spring…


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