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Part of the things that probe your mind when getting an apartment is how to get your abode some charm and retain a lot of serenity with uniqueness. And you are not wrong to entertain these thoughts and fantasies, but what seems not to be working in your favor is the fact that you are out of ideas or you don't know how to bring these dreams alive, or can they come alive? All these questions depend on the choice before you and your budget.

Talking about budget, apartment furniture is the most-friendly avenue to make friends with your budget because it is just a small apartment, and you are not likely to spend so much. With all these, knowing what an apartment size furniture is, is necessary so you can have some knowledge to lean on.

What Is Apartment Sized Furniture?

Around you is a small space for living, and what you need to fill that space must fit adequately with the available space. More than fitting into the open space, the furniture needs to be standard enough to serve you for some time, it must also match with the interior décor and your personality, this is the whole idea around an apartment size furniture. 

In a nutshell, it means getting for your apartment, furniture that suits your apartment, and furniture that you will satisfy your needs too. 

Let's look at the possible tips to guide you.

Types Of Apartment Furniture Ideas For Your Living Room

When looking at the furniture ideas, the things to consider are the placement of these furniture's, the various options available, the setting too in the multiple types.

The apartment furniture

  • The placement of the furniture. With your small space in your hands, the couch, the table, the curtains, every detail in there must be neatly and beautifully placed to enhance lighting.
  • Lighting is essential when fixing up the furniture, so plan early for it.
  • Measure the angles and be sure to keep the love seat in a position that will help the use of the television.
  • You can introduce a chandelier above the table at the center, you have the right to make bold statements even in your small abode.

Furniture Options

You can choose from the array of furniture to make your living space elegant and accessible. Choosing ottomans in place of tables is in order. Besides being small and cute, they offer themselves as a seating alternative when you are out of seats and doubles as a coffee table too.

You can also make use of two small tables to make a coffee table instead of a big ml.

Choose futon beds or sofa beds if your apartment space is small and cannot take a bed with other furniture, get a multi-functional sleeping piece.

Styles. You don't have to push all furniture to the wall, leave some spaces behind them, it will give the room a flattery wider-look.

You can also go for a swing chair. It's fun, especially in a small apartment, and does not take so much of the floor space. 

The studio apartment

Having a large room for dining, bedroom, and sitting room and with a small kitchen is the picture when you are up with a studio. 

If you are a young person, you will surely find the placement of things crucial, like aligning the dining table with the little kitchen within the studio.

Also, try not to overcrowd the area with suitable cabinets, you can separate the bed corner with plain glass in a way that you can still see your kitchen from there.

For the furniture, going or high stools with the dining table will help in efficient space management, having a round chandelier above the dining area will light the whole studio.

For designing, you can create a green area close to the balcony, have a glass wall with a dark metal frame that separates the room from the living area. For a cozy look.

Asymmetric placement of furniture helps to give the room a sophisticated and spacious appearance.

Apartment size furniture ideas for your living room


For the small cute living space, you need some smart furniture tips to have a fancy little home.

  • You can try placing your sofa bed close to an angle to leave room for the side ottoman or the standing lamp.
  • If you are going to make use of baskets, try hanging them on the wall, this will not just save space but have some vintage wall decorations to your guest admiration.

Looking for style? You can exchange your bulky sofa for a sofa bed 

Creating a storage unit close to the ceiling is fancy, too, but you must take care not to stuff it with too many items to prevent a fall.

Use stools in place of large seats as well as a sofa bed or futon, remember space is vital here so, let most of your furniture serve more than one function.

Vertical décor is stylish and welcoming, take up your interior outlook with the wallpapers vertically aligning with the floor design and the ceiling.

Apartment size furniture with storage


apartment space saving furniture functional

Regardless of how small your living space is, coming up with proper storage will help in saving space and also helps you to keep only the usable items at home. 

Ottomans are one multi-functional furniture an apartment must-have. Apart from using them as coffee tables, they can also serve as a storage hold. All you need is to get an ottoman with an openable lead where you can safely store some stuff.

Replacing your closet door with a curtain closure will help give more space for more storage.

Get a sofa bed with legs and a compartment beneath it for storing boxes.


Multi-functional sleeper sofa bed

Sleeper Loveseat With Storage



Multi-functional pieces are the darlings of an apartment, you know! The convertible furniture sofa bed with the offering of extra storage units beneath it all makes your little living space a lot cozier.

Multi-purpose sofa beds are the best in giving firmness, all thanks to the wooden legs or metal frame and legs it comes with. So you can count on it for all-around durability.

Because assembling and refolding is essential, choosing a sofa bed is an attractive choice because it comes with an easy to operate the mechanism.

It also has a hidden compartment, especially the wooden-legged sofa beds where you can use for storage. It also has a click-clack pantry container for snack storage too.


Queen Storage Bed Frame

 Queen Storage Bed Frame


Having a Queen's frame storage compartment is one of the best gifts an apartment size living space could have. You will not only enjoy the more space but the convenience of storing your items neatly.

You may not need an additional wardrobe when you can conveniently store your clothes therein 

You don't need another box or drawers to store bed sheets and cushions.

It gives more aesthetics and glamour to your room.

So, This Is How You Arrange Your Apartment 

Fitting your furniture tastefully and beautifully into your small living space is essential, not dealing with an ample area isn't a license to settle for less, you know! So, bear in mind that you have the right to take up your apartment arrangement's game, and here is how…

  • Plan for flow. That you have limited space means you must not crowd the area with everything you have, trash some and keep only functional items.
  • Give room for illumination, don't place large cabinets directly at the windows, they will block the flow of light.
  • Get a focus, a focal point, and arrange the furniture around it.
  • Keep furniture according to their sizes.
  • Don't place the sofa directly against the wall.
  • Strive for a balance in the arrangement 
  • You can also arrange the furniture in a round position such that people can go round it 
  • Arm-chairs should go in opposing directions.

Bonus Practical Small Furniture Apartment Hacks


  • Get a movable/mobile home bar or wheeled storage
  • Make a vertical green area close to the window
  • Get a gallery table, with a compartment below for storing journals, photo books, and diaries.
  • Have a wall hanging bags for storage, it saves space.
  • Fix the closet door for utility storing like brush, rake, broom, etc.
  • Have a fold-out dinner table, something you can fold in when not in use, and probably affixed to the wall. 

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