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How do you like your bed? Comfortable, snuggly, convertible, versatile? Or maybe, you are uncertain of choosing between a sofa and a futon. How much space do you have and need to give to your sleeping aid? These answers will decide what bed to get, and because sleep or resting moments are to be enjoyed, it becomes necessary to have not only on the spot comfort but comfort everywhere you go. For this reason, choosing between the futon or sofa may be a little tricky when you are not sure of what to hope for.

Well, if you are in that situation, then you are in luck because, in the next couple of minutes, you will be getting familiar with these features. 

With that said, what do we mean by a futon? What does it do, how great is it?

What is futon? 

When you are looking for a soft and versatile sleeping piece, a futon liking is not wrong. With its Japanese origin, futon comes with a complete bed of mattress and duvet for the most swell sleeping moments. Originally, futons were pliable and could be folded when in need of space and mostly aired outside to prevent molds from growing. People acquire it not only for the comfort that comes with it but its versatility for both indoor and outdoor(picnic) uses.

The contemporary futon is still soft but also sits on a sofa as the mattresses are a bit thicker and take the form of a couch when folded. These comfortable beds are made of organic materials like cotton, latex, and wool, a sure bet when you crave an eco-supported sleeping piece. Futon beds are a ready option for small apartments, dormitory rooms, crèche, and outdoors.

Pros of a futon 

Space advantage, futon is everything comfort and also gives the luxury of space when space is a significant concern. As it can be easily folded in for more walking space. So, if your home is a little small, a futon will allow you to have a good night's rest every night and space to move about in the day.

They are quite affordable as compare to the sofa beds.

The futon is generally a low-maintenance mattress, other than the regular drying. It can be vacuumed and sprayed with a fabric protectant. 

Versatility is fun with the futon as it can serve as both a sleeping bed and as a couch.

The smallness of futon is an advantage for young people or families who often travel as you can easily fold it and take it with you or move it from one room to another.

Cons of a futon

Futons are great in space management but not promising in excellent support like a sturdy mattress.

They are just thin layers of cotton, latex, and wool may not give you that desire firm support like a mattress.

If a futon is not aired or dried frequently, it may grow molds and pose a severe health concern.

The futon is flexible but not sturdy enough for a couch

You have to keep up with regular assembling even when you are tired.

It looks like covered mattresses, not aesthetic or stylish enough to match with home décor.

Having come this far with the futon bed, the sofa bed deserves some understanding, right? So, what is a sofa bed, how does it look and how is it different from a futon bed? Here is it…

What is a sofa bed?

With a striking semblance to the Japanese made futon, the sofa bed began with "folding bed" by Leornard Bailey in the 18th century. They underwent a series of modifying to its current convertible frame in 1980 by William Brouwer. And have since served in the same multi-purpose way like the futon, doubling as a couch when it has to and serving as a bed too.

Unlike the futon, the sofa bed is an ideal sofa and has beneath its cushion, thin mattress and metal frame that sits up like a couch when folded and lays straight as a bed when unfolded. The mattress on the sofa bed lies directly on the metal frame with support from the metal bars on the sides of the sofa. These metal frames are there to keep the mattress from sinking or digging a well in the middle.

Another visible difference between a sofa bed and a futon is that a sofa bed uses a thin but flexible queen-size mattress whereas, wool, latex, and cotton are the compositions of a futon. 

These queen-size mattresses are usually 4-5 inches thick for maximum comfort can be folded in the day to save space like the futon.

The pros of sofa bed

Great space saving with great comfort too.

It substantially doubles as a couch in the day and a bed in the night.

You will find varieties in size, color, and design to suit the theme of your room.

Your apartment can get stylishly exceptional with it, among other furniture.

Cons of Sofa bed

Since the bed on the sofa is a mattress with metal parts, it often gets cumbersome and almost painful to move from room to room, unlike the soft and light-weight futon.

They are also more expensive than the futon beds; hence, the wrong choice for budget shoppers.

Sofa beds have a problem with comfort because of the thin mattress above the metal frame thins-out with time, thereby losing its promised support. And users begin to feel the metal when they lie on the bed.

Which is Most comfortable?

Well, this should not be an impossible decision when the considerations before you include, space, budget, décor of your home, and family. They both have their strengths and also their cons but is looking for comfort, the sofa bed can be trusted for lasting and all-round support. It matches effortlessly with your décor, looks like an actual couch when folded and does not sink like the futon when you sit. So when you are in search of excellent comfort, a sofa bed should satisfy. 

The outdoor futon frames: Here is one with lots of comfy and a water-resistant outer cover suitable for the garden, and you can also use it as a bed inside the house when the need arises.

Traditional futon:

The first and comfortable futon takes care of the seat and a bed too. Comfortable and can serve as an additional bed when you have a guest.



Sleeper sofa beds with storage

Quality and convertible sleeper sofa for your everyday comfort.


Flipside pleasure sleeper sofa.


You would never think this snug seat here could become a comfortable bed at a snap of a finger, also giving you room for storage if you are a guest somewhere.


 A perfect white sleeper sofa may be what you will love most for your summer beach patio, with storage space too.


So, Futon Or Sofa Bed? 

In conclusion, having a comfortable sleeping piece for adequate rest is very important to everyone's wellbeing, but having additional benefit from the sleeping section is a treasure. So, if you were not sure of what bed/couch to add to your furniture, this article should give you fantastic inspirations and fulfill your sleeping fantasies. But always remember, comfort is priceless, and you deserve them all.


If you're interested in getting a space-saving sofa bed or futon, Asy Furniture, located on West Bellfort Street, Houston-Stafford area, offers you a wide selection of styles and looks with functional options.  


Start Shopping Sofa Bed - Futon At Asy Furniture in Houston, Stafford TX 


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